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How do you answer that age-old question: Highlanders or Pirates? We’re not talking the scurvy or overly-bearded sort of dudes, either. We’re talking Jamie Fraser, Errol Flynn, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Braveheart. And then there’s Royal Kendrick and Hugh Redvers, the heroes of THE HIGHLANDER WHO PROTECTED ME and BARBAROUS, two seriously sexy guys, perfectly fitting the hero mold.

But you know what? Who SAYS you can’t fall in love with both Highlanders and Pirates, especially strong, handsome ones who will do anything to protect the women they love? We don’t think you SHOULD have to choose, which is why we’ve teamed up to celebrate our releases with prizes that are both practical and bring a bit of that Highlander/Pirate dash to life.

Check it out: one lucky entrant will win a leather and tartan duffle bag (perfect for strolls with your handsome Highlander) AND a spiky, midnight-blue patent leather handbag (for high seas jaunts with your roguish pirate), along with signed copies of our books, velvet and beaded bookmarks, and other fun book swag.

So, Highlander or Pirate, why not choose both—you’ll be happy you did! :)

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Happy adventuring!

Vanessa & Minerva


Lady Ainsley Matthews, heiress and darling of the ton, was expected to make a magnificent match. Instead she’s hiding on a remote Scottish estate, terrified that her vicious former fiancé will use her pregnancy to force her into marriage. One man can help her—Royal Kendrick, son of a distinguished Highland clan. Though a mistake drove them apart long ago, Royal is the only person Ainsley trusts to protect her baby—even if that means agreeing to never see either of them again . . .

Scarred in body and soul by war, Royal suddenly has a purpose—caring for an innocent babe and thereby helping the woman he can’t stop loving. But when Ainsley ultimately returns to Scotland, determined to be a real mother to her child in spite of the risk, there’s only one solution: marriage. And only one likely outcome: surrendering to the desire that’s simmered between them for so long, no matter how dangerous it may be . . .


BARBAROUS by Minerva Spencer

Hugh Redvers is supposed to be dead. So the appearance of the sun-bronzed giant with the piratical black eye patch is deeply disturbing to Lady Daphne Davenport. And her instant attraction to the notorious privateer is not only wildly inappropriate for a proper widow but potentially disastrous. Because he is also the man Daphne has secretly cheated of title, lands, and fortune.
Daphne Redvers’ distant, untouchable beauty and eminently touchable body are hard enough to resist. But the prim, almost severe, way she looks at him suggests this might be the one woman who can make him forget all the others.  His only challenge? Unearthing the enemy who threatens her life . . . and uncovering the secrets in her cool blue eyes.



“Brilliantly written, deeply emotional, altogether splendid!” -- USA Today Bestselling Author Collette Cameron, on THE HIGHLANDER WHO PROTECTED ME

“Minerva Spencer’s writing is sophisticated and wickedly witty…Spencer is my new auto-buy.” --New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Hoyt


The Highlander Who Protected Me