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Hi Everyone!

I am so excited that the final two books in the Realm Enforcer series are almost here! To celebrate, I have a special gift for anybody who pre-orders Wicked Kiss and Wicked Bite. I’ve written a bonus scene just for you. It’s a fun, sexy, crazy scene where Emma Kayrs, queen of the Realm, will finally give birth to the first in line for the vampire throne. Of course, there will be panicked vampires, a deadly threat, and maybe a bank robbery or two. The queen’s good friend, Felicity Dunne, will be there with her shenanigans, so you know things won’t go smoothly…but it’ll be interesting.

In addition, if you opt in to receive my newsletter, you will be invited to enter a giveaway for a big box of books and swag from the Romantic Times Reader convention. I will pick up some amazing stuff for you from other authors and publishers, and it’ll be a box of goodies you’ll want to share with friends. (If you already receive my newsletter, just click the opt-in box on the form anyway. You won’t receive two newsletters. LOL).

Wicked Kiss is Adam Dunne and Tori Monzelle’s story that will release on July 4th. Adam is the rigid, domineering, sexy witch enforcer who’s suddenly tasked with protecting Tori, a free spirited musician who is also working with the DEA to bring down Adam and his friends. I love Tori. She’s smart and wild and just what Adam needs. Of course, being brilliant, Adam knows this deep down but fights himself at every turn. When he finally gives in, the pages just might sizzle.

Wicked Burn is Bear’s story and it’ll release on August 1st. When Bear first appeared in the first book, it was obvious he’d need a book of his own at some point. He was stubborn, sexy, and definitely in need of a woman to shake things up for him. Enter witch Nessa Lansa, an undercover, um, accountant who offers him the proposition of a lifetime. They work with and against each other—making sparks fly every second.

A lot of fan favorites will make appearances in these two books, so you’ll definitely see Garrett and Logan again. Thank you so much, and I truly hope you enjoy the conclusion to the Realm Enforcers. For more updates and fun contests, please Like my Facebook page. I’d love to see you there!

Rebecca Zanetti