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When you preorder your copy of THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT before July 31, 2018, make sure to fill out the registration box on this page.


On July 31st, everyone who registers will be emailed “The Fuming Chamber,” an exclusive short story by Bernard Schaffer, and one lucky winner will receive a Streamlight High Lumen Tactical Flashlight so you can always stay in the light!




Dear Reader,


When I signed with Kensington, I told myself two things.


First, I was going to use everything I'd learned as an indie author to create a work of art that would change the thriller genre forever. Kensington is the largest independent publisher in the world. It's a perfect marriage. They are swashbucklers and gunslingers just like me, and creating bonus content like this is exactly the kind of thing you get as a result.


Second, every entry in the Santero and Rein thriller series will be of the highest-quality possible. No weak spots. No bad days at the office. No times where I phone it in.


So when Kensington told me I could create an exclusive piece of bonus content for readers who pre-order THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT, I was pretty pissed off.


You see, I wanted everyone who pre-orders the book to get something. It sounded so cool. Name another large publisher who gives something free away to their readers. That's the beauty of that old indie pirate spirit. But it's not like I had some unpublished masterpiece just sitting around. To do it, it had to be done right.


Something special. Brand new. The same quality of THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT and worthy of placement in the Santero and Rein series. No easy task.


But my editor and I got to working on it, and man oh man, did we nail it.


Now bear in mind, we could have sold this. Easily. Once THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT hits, people are going to be desperate for more. Ladies and gentlemen, if you pre-order and fill out the box on this page, you will be the only people on earth who gets what comes next. And you get it the day the book comes out. For free.


It's called "The Fuming Chamber." You can only get it by pre-ordering, and the offer expires on the day THE THIEF OF ALL LIGHT is released. Do not miss out on this.


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Truly Yours,

Bernard Schaffer

Montgomery County, PA, January 2018


One lucky winner gets this Streamlight Tactical Flashlight!