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Hi, everyone!

On June 20, Hidden Hearts—the sixth and final book in my Lovestruck Librarians series—gets unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace! Mary Higgs, the sweetest of all my librarian friends, is the heroine. And rest assured, I give her the hero and the Happily Ever After she deserves.

But she’ll have to work hard for that HEA, because Miles O’Connor is a reclusive, secretive man who only wants to communicate with her via e-mail…for some reason. Which he won’t tell her. Hmmm.

I think readers will enjoy puzzling him out along with Mary as she learns who he really is, why he’s hiding, and how she can bring him back into the world.

When I finished the story, I wanted to reassure readers that Mary and Miles’s love wouldn’t falter in the face of their challenges. I considered writing an epilogue just for them, but then I thought: Why not revisit all my couples and see how they’re faring a year or two after their books ended? So I wrote an epilogue for everyone!

It’s about the length of a long chapter, and I had SO MUCH FUN with it. Based on fan feedback, I wrote it from the perspective of Angie, the bawdy, outspoken heroine of My Reckless Valentine. The epilogue includes an engagement, a pregnancy, and an extensive discussion of sex emojis. Yes, really.

We didn’t want the epilogue to distract from Mary’s story, so we decided not to end Hidden Hearts with it. Instead, this bonus chapter will be an exclusive bonus for readers who preorder the book!

Simply send proof of your preorder to Kensington, and they’ll e-mail you the epilogue the day before my last Lovestruck Librarians story arrives on your Kindle. Easy peasy, right?

One final note: Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the readers who’ve followed my series. I’m more grateful and honored than I can say. The Lovestruck Librarians books celebrate love and the power of female friendship, and they’ve brought me so much joy. I hope they’ve done the same for you. ♥


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