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Dear Reader,

I am excited to introduce you to The Most Dangerous Duke in London, the first book in The Decadent Dukes Society trilogy. Set in the early 1820s, the trilogy feature three young dukes, all friends since boyhood, and the women they fall in love with---the last woman each duke would expect to marry.

For the readers who pre-order The Most Dangerous Duke in London, I have a special gift. I have written a bonus scene only for you. It is a heartwarming, romantic spin-off scene directly connected to the novel. It shows what happens between two of the characters when they are “off stage.”

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In The Most Dangerous Duke in London you will meet Adam Penrose, the Duke of Stratton. He has returned to London after five years in France and his arrival puts London society on edge. His reputation for dueling has preceded him, and it is whispered he is bent on revenge for his father’s fall. Stratton is indeed resolved to ferret out the person/people who benefited, and learn the reasons his father was targeted. When he meets Clara Cheswick, the lovely, rebellious daughter of his most likely suspect, desire complicates his goals.

Clara is one of my favorite heroines. Independently wealthy, she has a plan for her life that does not include Stratton. Rather she devotes her time to her women’s journal and to the radical idea of starting a women’s club patterned on the gentlemen’s clubs of London. Stratton’s pursuit of her is a nuisance she could easily handle-- if she did not find him so darned charismatic, not to mention seductive and persistent.

Full of wit, intrigue, and a distinctive cast of characters, The Most Dangerous Duke in London is a thoroughly romantic read in which desire becomes much more for both Stratton and Clara.

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Thank you so much, and I hope you enjoy The Decadent Dukes Society trilogy.

Madeline Hunter