A DEVIL OF A DUKE by Madeline Hunter (Zebra MM/May 2018/978-1-4201-4392-8)


“Rich with scandal and sensuality, Hunter’s second Decadent Dukes Society Regency (after The Most Dangerous Duke in London) features a fabulous heroine, a secretary with a criminal secret who falls for a man far above her station. Handsome Gabriel St. James, Duke of Langford, is well known for his disregard of London high society’s opinion of him, but he starts taking his ducal responsibilities more seriously after the eccentric Lady Farnsworth publishes a letter chiding him for his misbehavior. When he meets an elusive woman at a ball and enjoys a passionate interlude with her, he is intrigued and makes plans for a future assignation. What Gabriel doesn’t realize is that the object of his affection is Amanda Waverly, Lady Farnsworth’s secretary and an expert thief from a family of rogues. As Gabriel falls further under Amanda’s spell, he is entranced by her quiet beauty and how she seems to care more for him than his wealth or title. Meanwhile, she’s stealing valuable items to ransom her kidnapped mother. Scintillating love scenes are plentiful in this page-turning tale, which is enhanced by a cast of memorable characters and smart, witty protagonists.”– Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW



THE GLASS BLADE by Ryan Wieser (Rebel Base EB/March 2018/978-1-63573-026-5)


“When Hunters Hanson Knell and Kohl O’Hanson are ambushed in a bar in Daharia, they are saved by a young woman named Jessop. Impressed by her skills with a sword, the Hunters bring her to the Glass Blade, their training facility, to discover more about her. Jessop knows their fighting techniques, their mental power of Sentio, and that the Hunters of Infinity do not train women. But train Jessop they will, for she carries the blade and escaped from one of their own: the enemy known as Falco Bane, the rogue leader of Aranthol. As Jessop grows closer to the brotherhood that now supports her, the Hunters’ leader is mysteriously struck down and left in a coma. Secrets coming to light raise questions about the mysterious woman who has joined their ranks. Are the problems coming from outside enemies, or could there be a traitor in their midst?


VERDICT This thrilling, action-packed debut ties together a strong characters with a building story line that will have readers clamoring for the next volume in this new series.”– Library Journal STARRED REVIEW



MURDER AT HALF MOON GATE by Andrea Penrose (Kensington HC/April 2018/978-1-4967-1079-6)


“After a night of gambling, Lord ¬Wrexford and his friend Sheffield, discover a dead body in an alley. Always a scientist, Wrexford checks on the victim, although he turns the case over to a watchman. It isn’t long before the victim’s widow shows up at Wrexford’s home begging for his assistance, claiming he had once helped her husband, an inventor, who had been working a revolutionary steam engine design. Wrexford turns to Charlotte Sloane, who under the pseudonym A.J. Quill, is recognized as a skilled satirical cartoonist. Together, the two use his society friends, her network of informers, and a group of clever street urchins to investigate the murder of a man whose inventions could change industry and England forever.


VERDICT The compelling follow-up to Murder on Black Swan Lane is an intricately plotted mystery set in Regency England. Its complex story line and authentic historical details bring the early days of the Industrial Revolution vividly to life. Bound to fascinate readers of C.S. Harris and even fans of Victorian mysteries.”– Library Journal STARRED REVIEW