HER PERFECT AFFAIR by Priscilla Oliveras

(Zebra Shout MM/April 2018/978-1-4201-4429-1)


“Oliveras tops her excellent debut, His Perfect Partner, with this revelatory, realistic second romance set among the Puerto Rican community in contemporary Chicago. Catholic school librarian Rosa Fernandez is known to be steady and responsible, but her two sisters don’t know she’s hiding a passion for wealthy family friend Jeremy Taylor, an IT specialist. When Rosa learns that Jeremy will soon be going to Japan for several months, she risks a single romantic farewell night with him. Despite their careful use of birth control, Rosa gets pregnant. They’re both shocked, but they work together to find a solution. Love and advice from their families, reassessment of their working lives, and the eventual revelation of closely held personal pains all help Rosa and Jeremy develop a full commitment to each other. Oliveras’s integration of cultural and class differences, familial expectations, and career objectives into the couple’s romantic decision making immeasurably enriches a moving plot about good people making difficult choices.” –Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW







IT MIGHT BE YOU by Jennifer Gracen

(Zebra MM/March 2018/978-1-4201-4530-4)


“Gracen wraps up her Harrisons contemporary series with this heart-stealing fifth novel (after Between You and Me), cementing her reputation as a writer to watch. When honorable Florida cop Nick Martell gets a call saying his bone marrow is a match for a child with cancer, he doesn’t hesitate to donate. But when he tells his parents who that child is, they drop a bombshell on him: he’s a match for young, eminently brave Myles because biologically he’s the boy’s uncle. Nick was the product of a brief affair between Nick’s mother, Maria, and ruthless billionaire Charles Harrison II, the patriarch of a big-money family (and a thoroughly loathsome character). As Nick struggles with his new reality, he sees a bright spot in the tumble of new Harrison relatives and realities: Amanda Kozlov, Myles’s beautiful private-duty nurse. After Amanda witnessed a police widow’s breakdown in the ER, she made one ironclad dating rule for herself: no first responders. But as she observes Nick’s tenderness with Myles, Amanda can’t help breaking that rule. Gracen’s appealing tale makes it nearly impossible to say goodbye to a complicated family whom readers have come to love. To soften the blow, Gracen includes a bonus novella in this volume. Her hot yet sweet treat is headed for many a keeper shelf.” –Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW