Dear Readers,


We are thrilled to introduce you to Wrangler’s Challenge, the fourth book in the Wind River Valley series.  The Wind River Valley is located about fifty miles south of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  It is in the wilds, quite literally, bracketed by the Wilson Range on the west of the valley, and the Salt River Range on the eastern border. It’s here that you’ll meet the latest characters – wranglers, ranchers, cowboys – and the women they fall in love with.   What fun!


 In Wrangler’s Challenge, Noah Mabry takes center stage in his own story. Readers of the previous books will remember Noah well. A veteran suffering from PTSD after his service in Afghanistan, Noah came to Bar C after his marriage ended looking for solitude. Noah is much more comfortable relating to the horses in his care than other people. But all that might be about to change.


 Dair Wilson has also come to the Bar C to heal old wounds, emotional and physical. A retired Marine, Dair is struggling to cope with a severe leg injury caused by an IED. In addition to coping with the loss of a limb, Dair has lingering childhood trauma that welled up after a recent tragedy.  Hoping that some equine therapy and the Bar C’s supportive environment can help turn her life around, Dair never felt a connection like the one she’s encountering with Noah.



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