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Dear Readers,

I’m so excited to bring you a new series called The Improper Princesses. But this fresh start has a bit of a twist. It’s a spin-off from my current series, The Renegade Royals, which follows the adventures of the illegitimate sons of England’s royal princes as they claim their brides and their rightful places in the world of the British ton.

But why should the guys have all the adventures and romance, right? In this new series I’ll be telling the stories of the female Renegade Royals, the illegitimate royal daughters who must fight even harder than their half-brothers and cousins to find true love and happiness.

MY FAIR PRINCESS, the first of The Improper Princesses, features a remarkable young woman named Gillian Dryden. To say that Gillian is unconventional is quite an understatement. Raised in Sicily, she’s something of a vigilante, fighting to rid the countryside of bandits who prey on the weak and innocent. Think of a female Robin Hood, Regency style, and you’ve got it!

But Gillian is in for a surprise when her half-brother, Griffin Steele (the hero of Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom), insists on bringing her to England to find a respectable husband. Enter the powerful and sophisticated Duke of Leverton, who is assigned the task of turning Gillian into a proper lady. Let’s just say that our heroine is resistant to that idea, and that our hero has his work cut out for him!

And there’s more! To show my appreciation to my wonderful readers, I’ve written a bonus Renegade Royals short story, which will be available to anyone who pre-orders MY FAIR PRINCESS between now and the book’s release. It’s my special gift to all of you who have followed the Renegade Royals and been so generous with your support for the series.

To claim the bonus story, just pre-order the book and then fill out the easy form below. On August 30th—release day for MY FAIR PRINCESS—you’ll receive the epilogue short story featuring your favorite Renegade Royals and their ladies. Think of it as a fun bridge to the new series!

To pre-order MY FAIR PRINCESS, and to receive this exclusive Renegade Royals epilogue, please visit HERE.

Happy reading!
Vanessa Kelly