Kensington Cozies…

Where Murder Lives!

Kensington Cozies…

Where Murder Lives!

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I love historical romance. I love everything about it, from the clothing to the social norms to the rules—god, there were so many RULES! I love the way saucy, smart heroines skirt those strict rules, risking social ruination if they get caught doing something as innocent as kissing a man in the moonlight.

“Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.” –Babe Ruth


I’m a huge baseball fan, so of course, when I talk about overcoming fear, I have to use a quote from Babe Ruth, but it also reflects one of my greatest weaknesses. For years I dreamed of becoming a writer.

A New Year means a new you, isn’t that how the saying goes? In that spirit here are Emma Fox’s tips for landing that killer new job, but beware, just like that dream job description…not everything is as it seems.


Our three heroines, Diana Sommerville, the Honorable Fenella Grantley, and Petra Rutherford, privileged young women in their early twenties, emerge from the constraints of the previous era already benefitting from the many small political reforms that had been made by Parliament during Victoria’s reign.

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