THE TEMP by Michelle Frances (Kensington HC/February 2019/978-1-4967-1249-3)


 “British author Frances follows her well-received debut, 2018’s The Girlfriend, with an outstanding psychological thriller that focuses on the everyday details of the life of a successful career woman. TV producer Carrie and her script writer husband, Adrian Hill, long ago decided on a childless life. Then, at 42, Carrie discovers she’s pregnant, much to Adrian’s annoyance. Months later, with the birth of baby Rory approaching, Carrie realizes she needs a temporary assistant during her maternity leave. She hires 24-year-old Emma, a bright, attractive, ambitious script editor who soon comes to worship Carrie. Or is it Carrie’s job she worships? Emma works so well with Adrian, her ideas become indispensable to him. And because Rory is too distracting, the two frequently work together at the family beach house. Carrie’s suspicious, and she finds Emma snooping in their London house. And Adrian later discovers Emma searching the beach house. Frances, who keeps the suspense high as the action accelerates toward the shattering finale, reinforces her position as a writer to watch.” -  Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW