A testament to the power of love and courage during

a time when hope truly was the thing with feathers…

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Set during the London Blitz of WWII, when British

Services enlisted the aid of over 200,000 homing pigeons

to carry coded messages into Nazi-occupied France,

The Long Flight Home is the story of an almost-love

affair between two orphans.


It is also a story inspired by an international 2012 news report, when a man renovating an old house in Surrey, England discovered the remains of a pigeon along with a tiny capsule containing a coded message – one that has yet to be deciphered by code breakers around the world even today. With beautiful detail and meticulous research, Alan Hlad illuminates mostly-forgotten corners of WWII history, conjuring a deeply moving wartime experience…


“Tense, heartwarming and life affirming, The Long Flight

Home gives a fresh slant on heroism in WWII.”

– Rhys Bowen, New York Times bestselling author

from a time when hope truly was the thing with feathers.

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