Welcome to The Secret, Book & Scone Society…

Is something on your mind? Is life driving you crazy?

Is it time you indulged in a little Shelf Care?


Maybe a Bibliotherapist can help!


Welcome to The Secret, Book & Scone Society

Is something on your mind? Is life driving you crazy?

Is it time you indulged in a little Shelf Care?


Maybe a Bibliotherapist can help!



Do you need answers for a pressing issue? How about a literary solution? You’re invited to share your questions, issues, ailments, and grievances in need of a storybook solution!


Just pour yourself cup of tea and let bookstore owner Nora Pennington tackle life’s pesky problems!


Ellery Adams is thrilled to share a weekly advice column with responses straight from Nora. Each week, a person will be selected to help from letters submitted to www.YourBookRx.com and then prescribed a book specifically to address that inquiry. Both the question and answer will be posted to THE BIBLIOTHERAPIST IS IN! Section of www.YourBookRx.com, the Official Ellery Adams Newsletter, and to the Ellery Adams Facebook page: facebook.com/ElleryAdamsWritesMysteries.

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Dear Nora,

For a while my sleepy neighborhood was perfect. Then my neighbors moved in, and now my block is louder than Times Square. I’ve tried being the friendly neighbor, ignoring the noise, and even politely intervening, but their hive never stops buzzing! How can I tackle this issue so that I don’t have to wear noise cancelling headphones forever?


The Angry Neighbor



This Week’s Bibliotherapy Session:

Dear Angry Neighbor,

The last thing you want between neighbors is a war. Your story reminds me of the divide in The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard Morais. I suggest taking a page from Madame Mallory’s book and find a middle ground with your neighbors. You can’t always expect someone to cater to your way of life and they shouldn’t expect the same from you. Maybe sit down over dinner and hash out what the real problem is.





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Dear Nora,

I have been super swamped at work lately! My assistant quit out of nowhere and right before the most important conference of the year (which has been nerve-racking preparing for). The office is already short-staffed, so I feel like my mind has been racing every minute of the day. Can you recommend a book that will give my brain a break?


Stretched Thin Stacy



Dear Stacy,

Whenever I want to get my mind off something serious, I opt for a mystery. Why don’t you give Title Wave by Lorna Barrett a go? If you’re really trying to get work off the brain, the escapist read, Chocolat by Joanne Harris transports you to a tiny French town, where chocolate shop owner Vianne Rocher provides a cure with every piece of decadent candy. Pair the book with a chocolate dessert and treat yourself to a little downtime before the big conference.







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